Walkthrough: Getting Started

Jason V - July 15, 2019 - 0 comments

In this video we’ll go through the simple 30 second installation process. We’ll also do a quick real example demo of using happylane on a website and how we’ll increase its signups. This demo is meant to tickle your brain on what’s possible.

If you require help setting up or would like to learn more about how happylane can help increase your website conversion, email us at hello@happylane.io. We’ll be happy to help you!


Hey everyone, this is Jason from happylane. In this video I’ll be giving you a quick demo of our product. It is a website personalization tool that will help you increase whatever website conversion goals you may have. So let’s say if your goal is to get more signups it can help you with that, or if you have an e-commerce site and your goal is to increase sales, it can also help you with that. Let’s just jump straight into this demo so I can show you how all this works.

I’ve already registered an account so I’m just going to log right in. And the installation of this is really simple. Just click into settings and follow the steps there. If you’ve installed Google Analytics on your website before, it is as simple as that. Just copy this snippet here, and paste it into your website’s HTML file.

For this demo we’ll be installing happylane onto our sample site which is Automate Listing. This website here is built on WordPress, and we’re simply gonna use a free plugin to paste our snippet into the head of the file. So let’s go ahead and do that. The reason why we’re using a plug-in here is to keep things simple for this demo. Anywhere you can install Google Analytics you can install happylane as well. Now let’s paste our snippet here and go down and click save. And that’s it.

Now that we’ve installed everything let’s go back to happylane and create our first campaign. Let’s go ahead and name this campaign brokerage because we want to target brokerages. And here we’ll set the status to active. And now comes the fun part specifying the target audience. So from a quick glance you can see we can specify UTM campaign, source, medium, term, content. As well as other stuff like country, time of day. To keep this demo simple we’re just gonna specify the UTM content and make that equal to brokerage. If you keep clicking the add condition button you can add multiple conditions, so you can create really specific audience types. Let’s quickly delete these two and save and then launch the editor.

As you can see we’re now back at Automate Listing. But now in editor mode, we have the ability to edit text and images on your site. Let’s first start by editing the big heading on our website. So we’re going to change this save time and money text to something like help your agents sell more with marketing automation. Now let’s go to the image on the right, here you can upload other images but we already have the one we want to upload it so I’m just gonna select it and click insert. And voila, the image changed. Now as you see me scrolling through this website and hovering on text and images you’ll see that there’s this highlight around them. Those are indications that you can modify the text or modify the images. So it’s pretty much everything on your site.

Now let’s go ahead and change one of the features here to try to target brokerages. Then go ahead and change the icon. And then we’re going to change this text to manage your brokerage. And change this copy here to something that will try to entice brokerages to sign up.

Let’s quickly save this and see the magic happen. Open a new tab go to automatedlisting.com. As you can see the image and text changes we made aren’t showing up. This is totally expected because we didn’t come from the target audience we specified. Now we go back to the personalization campaign we created. You can see that UTM content needs to equal to brokerage. Let’s type that into the URL and see what happens. Now you can see everything working, the text is there, the image is there. If you scroll down to the features you can see that our new feature copy is there as well.

Now we go up and delete the query string from the address bar, and press enter. You can still see that our website is still targeting brokerages, this is the default behavior. So now for the next little while, the brokerage owner who landed on your site will be seeing this version of your site for the next X amount of days. In this case is the default 7.

While we’re at it, let me go back to the editor so I can give you guys a sneak peak of this data source feature we’re building out. Let’s edit the heading to something like become the best brokerage in country. Now we save this and go back to the automatelisting. Refresh. Now we can see the country gets replaced by Canada. Which is the visitors location, we’re constantly adding in more data sources. So it gives you the ability to tailor your website copy to the specific visitor who is coming onto your website. Now to show you that everything still works as normal. We are going to open up an incognito window and go to automatelisting.com. And as you can see the text and the images are what they were before because we didn’t come in from the UTM content brokerages.

So remember you’re not limited to just one campaign, you can go back to happylane.io and from there you can create multiple campaigns. A wonderful use case for this would be if you’re running Facebook Ads and you’re trying to target real estate agents and real estate brokerages. You can now send all real estate agents to your website as normal and for the brokerages you can add in the UTM content equals to brokerages. And you’ll see that personalized version of the site we just made for them.

Hopefully this gives you all a better understanding of what happylane is if you have any questions feel free to contact us at hello at hello@happylane.io. Thanks to all our beta users and the amazing feedback you’ve given us. If you’re not a beta user already, quickly go to happylane.io, put in your email and sign up. We look forward to working with you and helping you increase your website conversion. See you soon.